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Testimonials for Judith's Matchmaking and Date Coaching Services:

Judith would love to be your matchmaker so please contact her today for more information. 

Thank you for your help... I will be recommending your service to any of my friends.

— V.R. Marin County

“The men you have introduced me to have been very special.  I can't tell you how much I appreciate what you do.”
S.B. SF Bay Area

You are the magician of matchmaking. Thank you, Judith!

— Dan Anisman in Berkeley, CA 


Judith is a strongly talented dating coach. She is introspective, well informed, open minded, and enjoyable to work with. I highly recommend using her services. 

— L. R. in San Francisco, CA


I became a widower after a very long marriage. … I saw one of Judith’s ads, didn’t do anything for a few months, and then finally took the plunge and contacted her. Best decision I’ve made in a long time. 


Judith is a consummate professional. Within a very short time she provided good potential matches and just as important, has provided cogent ongoing counsel and advice, which has been a blessing for someone like me who hasn’t dated literally in decades. And Judith gently eased me back into the dating world and has provided pointers to make the process a smooth and happy one. 


Bottom line: I would recommend using Judith's services in a heartbeat! 

— Neal L. in San Diego, CA


[We] have moved to the stage of making what we know will be a life-long commitment to one another. … We are pleased and feel like you have made a perfect match. … You can take pride in the success of our particular match … we feel that it was “b'shert.” 

— Dr. Lou F. in San Francisco, CA


Judith has a good eye for who goes together. She encouraged me to ask out the man who later became my husband. We now have two beautiful boys thanks to her. 

— Dana G. in San Diego, CA


You got it right! He checks every box on my list. I waited a long time for him to come along and I'm so glad he did. Thank you. 

— D.L. in Los Angeles, CA

Best money I ever spent! True love is truly priceless. We can’t thank you enough. 

— I.F. in San Francisco, CA


I always take your call because you always have interesting people — and you get me. 

— J.S. in Los Angeles, CA


Thank you, Judith! He was well worth the wait. We are forever grateful. 

— S.J. in Orange County, CA


No one cares more about helping people than Judith. She helped me meet my wife, through utmost dedication and care. 

— Gil Hanoch in La Jolla, CA


Judith is wonderfully passionate about

Jewish matchmaking and dating coaching!

She’s professional, reliable, and insightful.

I couldn’t recommend her more highly. 

— B.F. in Los Angeles, CA


Judith seems to really care about her clients. She is not only a matchmaker but a dating coach. Good dating advice can be hard to find this day and age and she is extremely insightful. She is working very hard to find me a match. 

— D.J. in Orange County, CA


I had a dating coaching session with Judith a few weeks ago, and it was helpful! She gave me really good advice regarding how to make the dating process as successful as possible, ways to meet potential dates, and also reviewed my online profile and photos. Her feedback was very insightful and has already led to improvements in my dating experiences. She was clear and also encouraging. I hope to have another coaching session with her soon! I would highly recommend her. 

— Kimberly S. in San Diego, CA


First of all, you should know Judith is not like a dating website. She actually matches her clients based on qualities that match and not principally characteristics. Because she takes this so seriously, you are matched with high quality people. Also, with Judith, it is not a “numbers game.” So, you are not going to have large quantities of dates and your time wasted time and time again, with people that are nothing close to what you are looking for. You have to be patient, but it is worth the wait. 

— Shauna R. in Carlsbad, CA


I will not hesitate to refer any of my Jewish friends who are single your way. You are outstanding at what you do. Thank you. 

— S.T. in Los Angeles, CA


My marriage ended and I found myself back in the dating world after 20 years. I sought advice from Judith and it was spot on. She helped me navigate which dates were successful and which wouldn't pan out. Judith got me to think about my happiness and what I was seeking in a mate. I was encouraged to make good decisions along the dating process. 


Judith’s advice gave me confidence to venture into a scene that was very foreign to me. I’d encourage anyone to use her dating coach services, and, today I can say that I’m in a relationship and very happy. I’m glad I sought her professional help along the way. 

— Scott Dunbar in San Francisco, CA


You’re wonderful, Judith. I was amazed. She’s exactly the kind of woman I wanted. It was an excellent match. Thank you. 

— Tom Yellen in Valencia, CA

     Judith is the most reasonable as far as cost goes. I truly believe that she can help anyone find love as long as you keep an open mind and heart. 

— Julia V. in San Diego, CA


We spoke, went out, and with all that said, fell in love, and were married. It was all thanks to Judith and let me tell you, I was skeptical at first, since years of trying other ways didn't work. She truly made the match worth every penny. I couldn't be happier and more in love with my beautiful wife and “yes,” we even have a child. If I wouldn't have contacted Judith, my life would be very different. I wanted to thank Judith for the time and persistence to find me the right person. 

— Gideon S. in San Diego, CA


Judith works hard to find me a good match and even helps with date coaching. She’s always available when I need her and I appreciate the personalized service and her efforts. 

— Michele G. in San Francisco, CA


Your service really has been the only successful match out of all the ones I’ve tried thus far and God bless you for your work. It’s amazing! Thank you! If you want quality matches that are well thought out she is a wonderful person with a unique gift. No dating site comes close! 

— T.B. in Beverly Hills, CA


Judith gives great advice and is a fantastic dating coach. She helped me ... and I saw positive results right away! 

— Isaac S. in Brooklyn, NY


I have used Judith’s date coaching on and off for over two years. Whenever I am in-between relationships, I seek her input on my dating profile. I also have her advise me on women I am considering contacting. She even advises me on communicating with them, like when to email/text vs. call and when to meet. 

—E.C. in Los Angeles, CA


Thanks for introducing me to one of the most impressive women I’ve ever met & one who’s totally committed to mutually important goals. Great job, Judith! 

— N.L. in La Jolla, CA


Judith puts great personal effort into getting to know each individual client. She uses her knowledge and her excellent instinct to find potential matches. She set me up with two meetings and one of those worked out into a relationship. 

I think there’s a tremendous advantage to her service. She is looking for your soul mate, not a date for the evening. If there’s no one that’s suitable, she saves me time and possibly a lot of grief. I have confidence in meeting anyone Judith would feel is right for me. When Judith calls, I listen. 

— B.B. in San Francisco, CA


Judith met my future husband, Steve, and knew we were a match. Her intuition was incredible. She noticed details we had in common others wouldn't have thought about. She suggested he call me, but he didn't call right away, so Judith followed up and gently persuaded him to be sure he made the call. Am I ever grateful she did! He was indeed my soul mate. If it were not for Judith, I’m certain our paths would never have crossed, as, at the time, I lived in San Diego & Steve lived in Menlo Park, about 9 hours apart. We married in 2002 and just gave birth to our first child. Thank you, Judith, for helping us find each other! 

— Lisa in Chicago, IL


You are doing an incredible job and I’m extremely happy I finally hired a matchmaker. I’m really enjoying the matchmaking process! 

— D.K. in Los Angeles, CA


I’m very grateful for Judith’s matchmaking. She takes her time and the matches have been spot on in terms of personality, background, education, & world view. Like all matchmaking, the final step is the chemistry between people but Judith makes that much more probable. She also doesn't give up. I signed up several years ago, and my work has been hectic, but she sticks with you in finding a mate. 

— S.R. in Santa Clara, CA


I hadn’t heard from Judith in ages. Out of the blue, Judith called and said “How'd you like to meet your soul mate? She’s smart and beautiful.” She was working as a psychologist in Montreal and I was a busy medical resident in New York so we wouldn’t have met if not for Judith’s introduction. We’ve been married since 1998 and have 2 beautiful children. I am so grateful to Judith for bringing me my soul mate. 

— Mike in Manhattan, NY


Dear Judith, I just met M tonight and it’s UNCANNY how much we have in common! I look forward to seeing him again and I wanted to thank you for bringing him into my life!! Please feel free to use any part of my e-mail and my entire name, if you'd like.  I know you're really trying on my behalf and I appreciate all you do! 

— Warmly, Leslie Zimmer in Los Angeles, CA

Judith Gottesman, MSW

Soul Mates Unlimited™

Date Coaching and

Jewish Matchmaking


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